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“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.” Albert Einstein

A Great New Resource for Web Reading

Reading on the web is one of my favorite things to do. And I mean favorite since I subscribe to at least 200 or so feeds on my Feedly account. Of course, most of what I read is the ephemera of a summer’s day. But occasionally I want to save an article that I find particularly interesting. This is why I’ve been so fond of Microsoft OneNote. I could with one click either send the article or website to a OneNote page or, if I wanted, I could print it directly into OneNote. Life was good until I started using Firefox exclusively. I could still send a webpage to OneNote but it was a bit of a hassle due to the number of steps involved. Then at work where I try to do most of my internet reading during my lunch break the IT people upgraded to Windows 7 which does inhibits the print to OneNote feature in OneNote 2007.

Since I have very little flexibility over my computer at work I’ve been using the web version of OneNote. It works and I can access my saved material on any computer with access to the web but it is a cumbersome process and so my search continued.

Thankfully I’ve come across a great new free resource – Readability.  It works with Firefox so you can add it to your browser so when you come across a good article that you would like to save and read at greater length and leisure you only need to hit the red readability button and it saves it your read list. Once there Readability strips all the crap away and leaves the text and pictures in a nice clean interface. It also includes a link to the original article which I find very useful.

So far I’ve come to really rely on Readability. So far it has helped me become a more efficient blogger since when I come across an article I want to blog later on I can access it quickly on my Readability page and go on from there.

I haven’t played with all the features of the program to date and I would like to explore how much I can store on it and whether I can create folders and archives on it and so do away with OneNote altogether.   I will blog my result later on but in the meantime taking readability out for a test drive is well worth your time.


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